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Full Version: Where does the electrical energy come from in the 285?
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Hey guys I had a question here, it seems like a real dumb one but darnnit I just can’t seem to find the answer! How does the Inntec(or Innovative I guess?) 800 generate its electrical power? There appears to be no obvious external alternator, and the wiring suggests something internal. So is it like an internal alternator? And what kind of current can it output?
Internal alternator, like most lawnmowers, motorcycles, etc. - as shown in the engine manual.

Power output seems to be a secret.  Huh  I guess about 150 watts, as that’s the rating of the Trail Tech regulator, but Mike Messex can probably tell us...
The motor has multiple coils built in for supplying power. We use a regulator/rectifier off the lighting coil to charge the mosquito battery and external devices like 2nd fuel pump etc. The engine has fuel pump and injector coils that the ecu must regulate/rectify to power those items. There are also 2 more charge coils supplying the ecu power.
XE285 in NZ
Of course! The friggin engine manual.../sigh I knew it was gonna be a dumb question lol

But yeah...I struggle with internal combustion engines Confused ...but I should do very well on the electrical side of things lol  Rolleyes

But thanks for clearing that up for me!  Big Grin

The power output on the 285 is 64 kw and 85 hp. For the "electrical" output as Casey stated the engine manual would have that info.

Most likely you have found the answers to you question, but if not.
The Air,XE, XEL, & 285 all have   12V DC, 180W  Alternator.   The XET has a 12V DC, 250W  Alternator.

Hope this helps, leo...
And where does one find this engine manual?