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Full Version: trying out the go pro
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test flight with the go pro, it's very long and I need to learn how to edit. I ran out of memory and 
the part I wanted to video was the last 10 min a local flight around the area. the gov I install does not work with this engine
it's another project for the winter.   chuck[/video]

lets try this[/video]
It sounds good Chuck !

Looking good. It looks like you are taking nice and easy which is good. 
Keep posting videos with a picture of your ship.

I,ll try to get some more time in this weekend and post it
Tue was cold oat 33 I lasted about 20 min and I was numb. I will finish the door install soon

Great flight video Chuck. The video looks really good. It's going to be 15* on Sunday and 11* Monday. Fly at 50mph and wind chill puts the feels like temp at minus 17 degrees, so yes, doors would be a neccesary here.
I might fly this Sat a big heat wave is coming through this weekend it will be 53

Good video, enjoyable to watch. I'm really beginning to think doors would be a good idea. Should have my 285 running very soon now, these videos keep me motivated.
Thanks Dave
I have had the doors from day one  but for some reason I keep dragging my feet on finishing and installing them. Any time I can in a R44 or 22
we take the doors off so maybe it's a habit.

I never had doors, love the open feeling. Don't want to freeze this year though.
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