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Full Version: Used Mosquito Air Wanted
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I would like to buy a used mosquito air (preferably factory made and not previously crashed).  I'm not sure how this blogging works, but that's as simply as I can put it.  I'm in Kentucky, so something on this side of the country would be easier to reach.

That is a tall order. You might have better luck checking Barnstormer. Being that this is the "Designer/manufacturer" website, they are looking to sell "new" helicopters more than being brokers for used machines. With the creation of the XE body style many have wanted an enclosed cockpit and that is what the Trenton factory is busy producing. The Air has not been in high demand over the past years so they are busy producing other models but demand is starting to increase. If you are in a hurry you might need to build it yourself, if not check check around even give Composite-FX a call. Talking to the folks at the factory will provide clarity on which way you will decide to go. Write down your questions then ask them, you will get answers with no pressure.

Good luck in your search.


I contacted Composite-FX and they were easy to talk to, answering several questions. I can't understand why the Air isn't popular, but then the Breezy never caught on, either. I'll check the for-sale ads with Barnstormers and Trade-a-Plane. Good of you to respond.

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Norbert at Composite FX was aware of a Air owner in California wanting to sell his machine. After some communications through Norbert, I bought it and it is now being refurbished by Composite FX in Trenton, FL. I'm due to drive down to pick it up some time in September. The machine was named "Harley Copter" by its builder, Andy Redmond. It has several YouTube videos to its credit.

As you have found out, you get better information when you go directly to the factory in some cases. Glad you found your bird and also glad the factory is bringing it up to snuff!

I have flown the Harley Copter a few times and it is a great machine. It is one of four Mosquito Air helicopters I have flown. I don't know why the Mosquito Air isn't as popular either because it is a kick in the pants to fly. There is no purer flying experience to be had than out in the open air with no structure around you. It's as close as you can get to flying like a bird with the exception of hang gliding or para gliding. I hope you find one.
I am digging that Harley Copter. Are the addition of traditional skids an option? Anyone have some other photos?
I also want info on the Air with skids. Definitely want skids like the video that was posted of the white Air?

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Is it difficult to find a used Mosquito Air in good conditions nowadays btw?
How much is a used mosquito air worth to you Bam?
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