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Full Version: Newb owner of XET N315FC
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Hi everyone! Just brought home my XET N315FC (soon to be N717N) from Brownwood, TX to my ranch in Abilene, TX.

First aircraft I've purchased, and so far very happy with it. Only problem is I don't weigh a whole lot, so CG feels a bit aft. Working on fixing that.

About me:
Line pilot for a big air ambulance company flying Bell 206L4 LongRangers around TX and OK

Former US Navy SH-60B/MH-60S rescue and  NASA/JPL project pilot
Navy Reserve Lieutenant Commander doing stuff in Asia

Happy to make new friends, share stories, and basically have a great time as a helicopter owner. Big Grin

[Image: g573DPG]
Welcome aboard!!!
Congrats, nice XET!
Welcome, and congrats on the XET.

I'm in Waco, and currently building an XE285 at the factory. We'll have to get together at fly-in sometime.
Great looking machine, make sure you share your adventures on the forum once you start flying it.
Did you purchase the XET from Jared Sisk? If you did Scott Seaner was the original owner.
(07-12-2018, 12:22 AM)jimwitkowski Wrote: [ -> ]Did you purchase the XET from Jared Sisk? If you did Scott Seaner was the original owner.

You're right, Scott Seaner was the builder. It's changed hands a few times since Jared Sisk, but it's found a good home in my cozy man cave. I plan on flying it regularly and posting videos on a variety of topics related to aviation.

@Dick Campbell, absolutely~ Waco's not that far, and I'd be happy to meet up.
I've gotta question why such a new nice good looking ship has changed so many hands and has such few hours? Horrible flying qualities? Unreliable?

I don't think either of those to be the case, but can't help wonder what has driven the exchanges leading up to this point

I have been seeing this for a while. Some guys log time on experimental Mosquitos to build hours, gain turbine time, and sharpen their skills at a lower per hour cost. After reaching their goal may of the want that "two passenger" helicopter, so they sell it and the cycle continues.

Secondly guys think that now that they have a helicopter they will fly every day, that is not always the case. Most guys I have spoken to average about 30 hours a year. I have had my 285 home since 9/2014 and only have 94 hours on it. I live on the plains of Colorado and there are many times the wind is blowing 20 mph or greater. For me that is no fun. As of today we have had 30 days of 90 degree or hotter temps (105 was the highest). These temps can cause heating issues and even when flying at 60 mph it feels like a blast furnace, no cooling properties at all.

I really don't have the $$$ to think about buying a two seater and if I did I could not afford the thousands in insurance, maintenance, and hanger fees. I saved up and paid for my 285, have my repairmen's certificate so I can perform the annual inspections, and it fits in my garage!

Michael the FlyGuy, have you had heating/overheating issues with your 285 engine on those hot days?
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