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Full Version: 2019 Trenton Factory Fly_In
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5 months and counting. Start your planning now!
I'll be there. I had a great time at the last fly in. I enjoyed talking with everyone and learning all I could about the skeeters. No arrogance just helpful info and friendly conversations. Hoping to have mine there by then getting it back together.

Sounds like you are fired up to attend the Fly-In, you responded 3 times! Smile  I am glad you had a great time last year. As you mentioned one of the great things about the fly-in is the fact that all attitudeds are checked at the door and information is free-flowing. I hope that you are able to take your bird with you!

OK all you rotor-heads, the 2019 Mosquito Fly-In @ Composite FX is about 2 months away. The first time I attended was 2009 after exchanging posts and telephone calls with Eddie Thompson who the Trenton field is named for and John Uptigrove the designer of the Mosquito Air. Eddie was a helicopter flying, saxophone wielding, self-proclaimed ambassador for the Mosquito community. In the short time I knew him I can say he was on of the nicest people I have ever met. But the first person I met when I arrived at 6 am was Mike Messex. He just woke up and gave me a tour before anyone else was up. Later that day I met Dwight Junkin and George Boynton the two people responsible for the fuselage that would be the signature look for all Mosquito variants. I was hooked!

My next trip to Trenton was in 2012 after I had moved from Maui to Colorado. I wanted to make sure this was the helicopter I wanted to purchase. On this visit I finally met John Uptigrove. He was an engineer through and through and a real likable guy. I went back in 2017 because I needed that "fix" of being around like minded people that loved helicopters and had the pleasure of meeting author and Vietnam Veteran helicopter pilot Robert Mason. But it was then that I promised myself to take my 285 back to her birthplace in 2018, and what fun I had. 

I guess what I am trying to say is the Mosquito community is a small group. And on that first visit I met most of it's "rock stars". Information flows freely, and from these leaders of the community there is no attitude or arrogance. Now I go to the Fly-In not only for the "fix" but also to honor Eddie, John, and others with us and past that loved this community and to give back.

So if you want a Mosquito come to the Fly-In. If you have a Mosquito load it up and bring it with you. If you plan now you will be there. Trenton I believe is one of the happiest places on the planet during the fly-in. 

Hope to see you there!

I will be there, but unfortunately without my Mosquito. No trailer yet.
I just put in for time off and it got approved so it’s looking like I’m gonna be there! Super excited to meet everyone!
I'm going to be there. I'm hoping my helo is finished by then. It will be close.

Fly Navy,

Scott Langley

XET #1337 N334HY
Start: NOV 2018

OK, what I would like to know is how many of you are coming to the Fly-In with your helis? I plan to make the journey and Paul makes it every year with his Air (I am jealous). Who is bring their birds? The first fly-in I attended was too cool. There were 10-12 Mosquito owners that returned. It was fantastic! I would again love to see owners return to the fly-in in these numbers. 

I can pretty much guarantee a ton of like-minded people (all rotor-heads) that have one common interest, to fly their own helicopters and fulfill their dream of being as close to a humming bird as possible. I know Composite FX wants to make this a great event for all whether you bring your heli or not, but we want to make the job of the Air Boss a busy one. For me this is my Birthday, Christmas, and New Years all rolled into one! For a Mosquito fan this is the best time of the year. Be ready to have a good time. WHO IS BRING THEIR BIRD, count me in!

Haha well my bird will be there! Albeit it in unassembled pieces unfortunately  Confused  but I figured I could sit in a lawn chair with my helmet on and make helicopter noises! It’s what gets me through the days at home!  Tongue

My first year there I did not have a heli, helmet, and Mike Messex lent me a lawn chair after watching a day of flying that is what we did, I call it "bench flying" and it is GREAT! We sat around a fire having a few beers talking about the Mosquito and related "rotor head" stuff. I think you will enjoy Trenton.

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