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Posted by: FlyNavy - 02-21-2019, 06:21 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

Has anyone done a biannual flight review after being ot of the cockpit for a while? I went for my first flight in 25 years this weekend. My intent is to take a few flights and complete a BFR. Flew in a Robinson. MaxFlight told me that a minimum of 20 hours in model was required in the Robinson before a check ride could be done because of FAA requirements for that aircraft.

After reviewing some blogs, it looks like the FAA imposed this requirement after some safety issues.

I have an opportunity to fly in the Cabri G2 instead. They explained that it doesn't have the minimum limits. Or I could find someone with a Jet Ranger. I have 1100 hours in those.

Any input or suggestions?

Fly Navy,

Scott Langley

XET #1337 N334HY
Start: NOV 2018

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  Aux fuel Tank - 8 Gal. (30 ltr.) for Mosquito XET, Vintage 2012
Posted by: helischweiz - 02-19-2019, 06:04 PM - Forum: Fuel and Engine - Replies (6)

Aux fuel Tank - 8 Gal. (30 ltr.) for Mosquito XET, Vintage 2012


I'm looking for an Aux fuel tank - 8 Gal. (30 ltr.) for my Mosquito XET
in France, can someone give me a tip where I get one!
(Had emails to composite-fx.com and mosquito-europe.com
Sent without success)

Thank you for your help


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  Door Latch
Posted by: DavidC - 02-15-2019, 01:59 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

Anyone know of a source for a replacement door latch?

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  New Owner/Builder
Posted by: dirtyboots - 02-12-2019, 05:07 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (9)

G'day Mosquito community...
Id just like to introduce myself as a new owner and builder of the XET for Western Australia.
I'm a farmer and commercial pilot, but unfortunately I cant do both at the same time. So I bought a Mosquito for the farm.
Look forward to the build as much as flying it. Speak soon.


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  2020 ADSB Compliance
Posted by: FlyGuy - 02-04-2019, 10:11 PM - Forum: Instruments - Replies (7)

Hey Gang,

I have a big challenge. Not all of you will be impacted by this but some of you will need to address the 2020 ADSB mandate. There a few solutions out there and a lot of confusion when dealing with Gov. agencies and retailers making money when someone says aircraft. It is known that confusion causes most people to spend more $ than needed. What I found is there are two options when it comes down to being ADSB compliant: compliance for certified aircraft and compliance for experimental. Most of us just think it is all the same. The good news is our option is less expensive than the other!

The first mistake I made when building my bird, an I believe many people do this, is keep costs low. I have a Trigg TT21 transponder installed which is not a Class 2 unit. For $125 more I could have purchased the TT22 which is the required Class 1 transponder. In the long run I guess we all will say $125 is not a lot in the grand scheme of things. So if you installed a Class 1 transponder when you built your bird, you are smarter than me!

So staying with the trig family I found two bundles that offer, the TT22 combo w/TN70 antenna for certified aircraft $3,552 base price and 2020 ADS-B Bundle for experimental aircraft $2,667. These prices are from Aircraft Spruce and do not include wiring harnesses. If I had purchased the TT22 initially I would only need to spend $670, less wiring to be 2020 compliant. 

I invite you to double check my research and give feedback (I am not the sharpest tool in the shed).

Next big challenge is to sign up for Medicare, oh boy!


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  New Owner
Posted by: carlsenecal - 01-14-2019, 01:37 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (8)

Hi to all,

I bought a Mosquito XE-285. Almost completed.

Quick word to say Hi to the Mosquito community


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  Server Tansition
Posted by: marcher07 - 01-04-2019, 03:29 PM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Composite FX is in the process of transiting this forum to a new server due to the amount of data ant the time its going to take to make the swap there maybe some content loss.
Your patience is appreciated while this action takes place. If you have a build or technical support question send it to marcher07@bellsouth.net   If you have a sales type question send it to our director of marketing at  marketing@composite-fx.com


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Wink Embroidered Mosquito Shirts
Posted by: Dick Campbell - 12-19-2018, 07:48 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

I got this at queensboro.com. Full disclosure - I have no business interest in this company, but I wanted to show you the embroidered polo I had made.  They first order is very inexpensive and they do a very nice job.  Just upload your logo and proof it and you're redy to go.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  Startup manual XET + Aux fuel tank - 8 Gal. (30 Ltr.)
Posted by: helischweiz - 12-15-2018, 04:06 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (5)

Hello  Smile

As the owner of Mosquito XET:
(Serial number: 1060B08, FR-01ADB, year: 17.10.2012)
I want a complete startup manual for the XET,
and install an Aux fuel tank - 8 Gal. (30 Ltr.)  for the bottom.

Request for an echo for the procurement.

Thanks and Greetings

Christian   Smile

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  Air dolly https://youtu.be/s9Ph1NdDbsg
Posted by: 77jbob - 12-15-2018, 03:55 PM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Here’s something I came up with .
I’m going to have to reinforce the back axle tube but I’ve almost got my dolly prototype built. Probably change the tires around too. So here’s an idea if anyone else is trying to come up wit a better way to dolly your air. I [Image: d8aeef858ac3001135383578c97c66c3.jpg]just have to pull my about a 100 yards to practice area. Too hard with factory setup. I plan pulling behind atv or even lawn mower. [Image: 1734a2144684330eaf178a9c9788f9a4.jpg][Image: e16a1101499904aed9bf892243573d75.jpg]

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