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Thumbs Down Someone won the Mosquito XE raffle ??
Posted by: Carlos V - 05-16-2017, 01:24 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (4)

Someone won the Mosquito XE raffle that Innovator (New Zealand) sold at $50 per block in 2013 ??

Thank you for purchasing a 1x1 block.  Your order has been processed and should now be visible on the website http://promotion.mosquito.net.nz
Please visit http://www.mosquito.net.nz for further information on the Mosquito XE Helicopter

...these guys disappeared with few thousand U$D !!!

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  Colorado Mosquito Air Force Drive-In
Posted by: FlyGuy - 05-13-2017, 04:18 AM - Forum: Flyin's - Replies (6)

            A great weekend has begun with a beautiful day. The almost official Colorado Mosquito Air force had their first get together. Mosquito Field Mechanic Mike Messex recruited to assist Tom Olson and  Jim Lynch to assist in the completion of their XELs and me with my fuel mapping and general inspection ( a fresh set of experienced eyes). I am just a regular guy but to have three helicopters in my garage with  like minded people working on them and loving every minute of it is unreal!

Day two starts tomorrow hopefully the weather will still be great and we will get another engine dialed in. This is good stuff!

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  New Turboprop for Ultralight from Stuttgard
Posted by: Frederic Moreau - 05-11-2017, 10:34 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (5)


Sound good but cost the price of the XE kit...

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  SOLAR T-62T-2A1 for Sale
Posted by: RidgeRunner - 05-09-2017, 02:57 PM - Forum: Pricing - No Replies

I picked up a rebuilt Turbine that Dwight purchased for me at this year's (2017) fly-in but due to my current situation, have decided not to pursue building a Mosquito Helicopter at this time. This turbine was and still is in the box it came in and is available to be purchased for $20,000.

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Posted by: RotorTim - 05-06-2017, 02:36 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (7)

What is the plan for those that will need to be compliant with the mandate?

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  First Hovering Experience
Posted by: Frederic Moreau - 05-02-2017, 09:56 AM - Forum: Mosquito Flight Adventures - Replies (39)


Just coming back from Mosquito Europe (in France) by car (of course) to bring back to Belgium my XE and get my first solo hovering experiences. This is actually my second solo hovering flight,... the first one was 5 days ago in France with Didier Lagneaux. I never got to solo on R22 or any other helo, so my Mosquito XE offer me this first experience and i have to say it is an incredibly stable helicopter with very precise tail rotor autority. I am very happy and as many other on this forum, smile on face for hours :-))

Before this first hover, i did 28 hrs on dual training, 8 hrs on R22 and 20hrs on a Dynali H3 wich is clock rotating... good to have the opportunity to get experiences in differents rotorcrafts.


The second video is the departure of my firends from Dynali Company wich is not more than 6 kms from my place.



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  Hello, and a few questions, please.
Posted by: Gildo - 04-30-2017, 10:51 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Hello everyone,

My name is Gil.  I don't own a helicopter and have no time in them except as a passenger and a jumper in the U.S. Army.  However, I do hold a sport pilot powered parachute certificate and a sport pilot powered parachute instructor certificate (CFI).  I do give active instruction. 

I also own a Benson B8 gyro with a 90hp Mac.  I have had it for about 2 years and I have never flown it because finding gyro instruction has proven quite difficult.  I talked to about 9 gyro instructors, and frankly, only two of them were very friendly, the others, to say it nicely, were not friendly at all.  Of the two that I did like, one no longer had a training gyro, but would provide training in my dual control machine, of course I don't have one of those.  The other nice gentleman still had his training gyro, but no longer is actively instructing, but he did offer to sell his machine to me.  All of that seemed like a long way to go to get instruction, especially because I would have to travel about 700 miles to get the instruction and buy another machine.

So, because of the difficulty with gyro instruction, I have been considering helicopters, and I'm convinced that I want one and that I am going to buy one.  I can get helicopter instruction locally.

I only mention my flying experience so that you guys will know that I am serious about this new endeavor.  And not someone who talks and talks about it, but only flies his keyboard.

I have a helicopter in mind to purchase.  I talked to the owner this morning.  He sounds like a very nice guy.

The search on this forum didn't yield any useful results about this Air/engine combo.

The machine is a Mosquito Air powered by a Rotax 503 and he is a member here.  I'm not going to mention him, or confirm who he is if someone asks, but some of you probably know right away whom I'm talking about.  Is this an acceptable combination?  I ask you guys because I know very little about helicopters in general and the Mosquito specifically.  I know he flies it, and I've seen video of it flying.  I know that there are probably more desirable engines for the Mosquito, but that's not what I'm asking.

I'm asking specifically about the 503.  Is it reliable mounted vertical?  If I understand the Air correctly, the engine's crankshaft has no thrust load from the rotor shaft, only rotational load.  I have three 582's in three powered parachutes that my wife and I currently fly, 2 ELSA, 1 SLSA, and I have one on the bench as well, so I'm familiar with the Rotax 2-strokes.

I apologize for the length of this post.  I just wanted to inform you as best as I could about me and my questions.

Thank you for your time and assistance,

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  Gallery sort pictures?
Posted by: tecaeromex - 04-24-2017, 07:57 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Hi guys,
I have posted some pictures of my Mosquito XE285 construction but all the pictures are shown in a random way, I put a number in the tittle of each picture to be able to sort them by order but no matter what I do, all the pictures keep showing in random order.
I uploaded by the bulk loader (five pictures)
Since I did all the resize at the same time all my pictures have the same date.
Any other way to show my pictures in numerical order?

Best regards from Mexico

Juan Manuel Lozano

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  Flying Car
Posted by: jimwitkowski - 04-22-2017, 03:36 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)


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  A few questions...
Posted by: RotorTim - 04-21-2017, 03:06 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

Starting to seriously think about a  Mosquito sitting in my hangar but have a few questions.

* I live in Arizona...any "unique" needs to protect the bird from the harsh effects of the desert environment? Leading edges of the MRB's and TRB's? Any other parts needing an extra level of protection? Filters?

* What are folks thinking about the impending ADSB requirements. Anyone put together a compact solution?

I spent 5 years as an Aerial Gunner on USAF Blackhawks (Pave Hawk) and have a PPL helo (R-44). I am a fixed wing pilot flying for a very large business jet operator and currently working on a Challenger 350 type rating. I also am involved in general aviation....and yearn for having a helicopter in my life!!! Big Grin

Here is my current toy...

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