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2020 ADSB Compliance - FlyGuy - 02-04-2019

Hey Gang,

I have a big challenge. Not all of you will be impacted by this but some of you will need to address the 2020 ADSB mandate. There a few solutions out there and a lot of confusion when dealing with Gov. agencies and retailers making money when someone says aircraft. It is known that confusion causes most people to spend more $ than needed. What I found is there are two options when it comes down to being ADSB compliant: compliance for certified aircraft and compliance for experimental. Most of us just think it is all the same. The good news is our option is less expensive than the other!

The first mistake I made when building my bird, an I believe many people do this, is keep costs low. I have a Trigg TT21 transponder installed which is not a Class 2 unit. For $125 more I could have purchased the TT22 which is the required Class 1 transponder. In the long run I guess we all will say $125 is not a lot in the grand scheme of things. So if you installed a Class 1 transponder when you built your bird, you are smarter than me!

So staying with the trig family I found two bundles that offer, the TT22 combo w/TN70 antenna for certified aircraft $3,552 base price and 2020 ADS-B Bundle for experimental aircraft $2,667. These prices are from Aircraft Spruce and do not include wiring harnesses. If I had purchased the TT22 initially I would only need to spend $670, less wiring to be 2020 compliant. 

I invite you to double check my research and give feedback (I am not the sharpest tool in the shed).

Next big challenge is to sign up for Medicare, oh boy!


RE: 2020 ADSB Compliance - Dick Campbell - 02-06-2019

I did not install a transponder. I never will have a need to enter Class C airspace or the Mode C veil around Class B. I have a radio to allow me access to Class D. Actually, most of my flying is in Class G. If you live inside C or B, regrets.

RE: 2020 ADSB Compliance - grevis - 02-06-2019

Lots of confusion over here about it. Microlight organisations have sent around emails to us listing TSO-C199 certification among the acceptable standards for the GPS unit (like the Trig TN72), but ive found nothing from our aviation authority over here saying this standard will be allowed at all over here, let alone in controlled airspace.
(hey Flyguy, on that note have you checked the cheaper TN72 gps unit for experimental aircraft is allowed in controlled airspace?)
XE285 in NZ

RE: 2020 ADSB Compliance - Dick Campbell - 02-06-2019

Michael, signing up for Medicare is easier than ADS-B Smile

Do you really need ADS-B Out? Consider that you will still be able to use your existing transponder every else, such as for flight following.

RE: 2020 ADSB Compliance - Eblezien - 02-06-2019

I think I'm in the same boat as Michael. I will need ADSB because I will be operating within the 30nm mode C veil, which will require it. Have a dynon mode s transponder and dynon waas gps.

RE: 2020 ADSB Compliance - FlyGuy - 02-07-2019


Thanks for your feedback.I have the Trigg TT21 which is a Class 2 unit. I live under the 30 mile vail of KDEN (Class B) and want to fly to KFTG (Class D) so I will need to comply with the 2020 mandate being under the Class B vail. 

Grevis, the 2020 Bundle I referred to consists of the Trigg TT22 (Class 1 transponder required for ADSB), TN-72 GPS position source, and the TA 70 antenna. That is the $2667 bundle for "experimental aircraft. The other option is the $3552 for certified aircraft. I will still be able to use my wiring harness. I guess I need to do a lot of flying this year while trying to save for 2020.


RE: 2020 ADSB Compliance - grevis - 02-07-2019

I mainly try to read up about the requirements for over here in NZ, but when I was first trying to get an understanding of the ADSB requirements and components I was looking at some of the US info, and I cant remember now if it said that the TN72 gps standard would allow you in controlled airspace, hence asking if you had confirmed that (it would be frustrating to upgrade from the TT21 to the TT22 and then find you have spent money on a GPS that isnt allowed)
XE285 in NZ

RE: 2020 ADSB Compliance - swashplate - 02-11-2019

This is not the information you need Mike M, but there may be others that can use it.

I built a Van's Aircraft RV-9.  I too "hangar" under a Mode C veil - KCLT.  I purchased the SkyGuardTWX, Vision Pro +, dual band ADS-B transceiver with AHRS, and it works with my existing Garmin GTX 327.

Read the instructions carefully as there are some limitations/proximity restrictions for antenna the locations.

Works great in the RV.  The unit itself has been placed behind the rear baggage area wall.  The GPS antenna is routed only a short distance to a spot udder the baggage area canopy.  I use an iPad Mini (with SkyGuardTWX built in WiFi) for navigation.  Per their instructions, it is powered from the main bus through a isolated breaker switch.  It is awesome to be able to see the other traffic along with being seen.   $1699.

RE: 2020 ADSB Compliance - Raymo - 03-08-2019

New to the forum but thought I could help a little here. Also an RV builder (-7A) and owner.

You can use a class 2 transponder with UAT (978) ADS-B out. The only restriction is that you cannot fly in class A airspace. So, consider installation of the uAvionics or other UAT solution and you can use that TT-21.

RE: 2020 ADSB Compliance - Dick Campbell - 04-13-2019

I found this - ADS-B light, in case you want to go with it.