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Swift - Timberwolf - 03-13-2019

Hey guys, been a while since I posted as I wasn't able to talk the wife into a single seat helicopter. I ended up building a murphy moose 6 seat radial Bush plane and am coming to the end on that build. I've still been following the swift and haven't seen much news on it lately. Not sure if the factory has looked into new turbine options, but turbine aeronautics will soon be releasing a 200hp turbine that would be perfect for the swift. A 2 seater might just be the ticket if it comes to fruition. So, any forward progress on the swift from the factory?

RE: Swift - Daryl - 03-13-2019

Hi Shane,

See this post from Jessica (Composite-FX marketing director)

Development of the Swift is beingĀ postponed.


RE: Swift - Timberwolf - 03-13-2019

Sad to hear but understandable. Maybe by the time they release it I'll have the wife convinced we need one. Thanks Daryl