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mz202 engine - FrankieL - 03-18-2019

I have a used MZ202 engine for sale I'd like to get rid of! It's in pretty good shape and has been sitting in a box inside the house and has both Bing and Mikuni carbs, CDI's and standard exhaust. I bought if from a mosquito owner to keep as a spare and kinda forgot about it. if anyone is interested in buying it let me know! 

RE: mz202 engine - heliav8r - 03-19-2019

Do you know how many hours the engine has on it and how much are you asking for it?
Roy Davis

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RE: mz202 engine - FrankieL - 03-20-2019

If I recall correctly, the engine supposedly has approximately 180 hours TT and removed from an XEL when I received. I don't really know what a reasonable price would be. I know I paid a couple grand for it about five years ago, which may have been a fair market price then, but honestly I am not looking to recoup the money I spent on it or am fixated on a certain price. I'd like to just clear out some space and put a little change in my pocket! make me a reasonable offer, I may take it. While I would recommend at least an inspection of the engine while disassembled before returning to service, everything is in good shape and has the bonus of Mikuni carbs, which I preferred during the brief time I had my XEL. i can send you some pictures of everything if you like. Frankie.

mz202 engine - heliav8r - 04-09-2019

Hello Frankie
Sure, photos would be great
I have an XEL and would be using it for spare parts.
I dont want to offend you but I would only be prepared to offer $1000.

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