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Hello from France - William Le Ferrand - 07-26-2019

Good morning everyone, 

I just picked up my kit and I can't find the words to describe how excited I am. I'm coming from the certified world, I restored / flew a piper aztec for a while and just recently started to fly helicopters. 

Looking forward to turning that pile of parts into a wonderful flying machine! 

Blue skies


RE: Hello from France - grevis - 07-27-2019

Welcome to the Mosquito world. Looks like you have a great build space there.

XE285 in NZ

RE: Hello from France - FlyGuy - 07-28-2019


You are about to have a blast! These babies are too cool and a lot of the fun is the build. Welcome aboard!


RE: Hello from France - FlyNavy - 07-30-2019

Welcome aboard! Assembly is a blast.

RE: Hello from France - William Le Ferrand - 07-30-2019

Thanks! I can't wait to get started - I'm still gathering supplies and going through the manual/forum.

Blue skies,


RE: Hello from France - Dick Campbell - 07-31-2019

Bon jour, and welcome to the club. There are great resourcdes on this forum, and flying the Mosquito is a blast.

RE: Hello from France - William Le Ferrand - 07-31-2019

Thanks Dick

Actually I posted a question in the Builder's Forum about corrosion protection ( - I'm wondering how you guys have treated your aluminum parts prior to assembly?

RE: Hello from France - Dick Campbell - 08-01-2019

Aluminum doesn't really need corrosion proofing. Pure Al such as on Alclad, oxidizes to a protective coating on its own, just need to keep it clean from corrosives. I polished my skids and some other visible parts, like the cyclic, other parts I bead blasted.

Steel parts were bead blasted and painted. I have a 285, so the exhaust/muffler had to be bead blasted and painted with a high temp paint.

RE: Hello from France - Casey - 08-01-2019

Oh how exciting! Congratulations on your new project!