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Payload? - laserjim - 03-25-2006

How fat can a pilot be, and still get this little puppy off the ground?

RE: Payload? - Operation - 03-26-2006

Hi lazerjim

The pilot weight for the XE is set at 240 lbs. With the Turbine version this will be slightly increased.
Congratulations on the purchase of your tile on the "Helicopter Giveaway Promotion"

Good Luck

RE: Payload? - Whew - 04-18-2006

Glad about that, might buy a "Tile" after all

RE: Payload? - dbmesser - 04-02-2009

Are there any calculations for density altitude? Performance charts perhaps? I'm 6'4" and 238 lbs so that will be an issue with an XE OR XEL.

RE: Payload? - Operation - 04-02-2009

Check out the "specs" on the left blue menu, both model specifications are there.