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2 stroke oil - Quax - 04-01-2010

All along I have been using a full synthetic Pennzoil Marine 2 stroke oil mix in my XE3. Recently I took my 2 stroke leaf blower in for repair and the technician strongly advise me NOT to use oil for marine engines, because it is not formulated to stand the heat. According to him, water cooled (marine) engines run much cooler.

To verify this information I contacted Pennzoil technical support and they confirmed this information. The representative recommended a new product “AeroShell Plus 2” which is specifically formulated for 2 stroke aircraft engines. Coincidently this product is manufactured by Pennzoil’s parent company Shell and is sold online.

I thought I’d pass this info along.

RE: 2 stroke oil - ldiebel - 04-01-2010

Hi Quax,

Looks interesting, thanks for sharing the info.

Here's a link that has more info:

RE: 2 stroke oil - Rob Hall - 04-01-2010

Thanks for that Quax,
I am still using Castrol TTS. My question is: how much?
The manufacturer says 50:1, but I hear that others use much more oil and Doug says 28:1.
Now I'm confused. In the old motorbikes I rode 28:1 would be a formula for fouled plugs.

RE: 2 stroke oil - regis - 04-02-2010

Hi Rob,
I am a believer and a practitioner of TTS Castrol 50:1

RE: 2 stroke oil - Mimi - 04-02-2010

Hi Regis,

I live in the Netherlands.
I'm also trying to find the best oil I can use for the Mosquito. I wanted to use the Castrol TTS synthetic oil.
I wrote to "Castrol Holland" and they wrote that the oil had become another name: Castrol Power RS 2T.
Do you still get the TTS Castrol? I so, where do you get it from? I'm really interested to get the best oil for the engine.

RE: 2 stroke oil - Quax - 04-02-2010

I don't know where to find the Castrol TTS, but Aircraft Spruce sells the AeoShell Plus 2 for $6.95 a quart.

PS. After trying a 40:1 mixture, I experienced spark plug fouling and since then have switched back to 50:1.

RE: 2 stroke oil - regis - 04-02-2010

Hi Robert,

TTS=RS2, it's the same product, only the name change.

Quax, sure AeroShell is a very good product, also.


RE: 2 stroke oil - garyd - 04-02-2010

Thanks for sharing that info with us. I've got 25 hrs on my XE and have always run Penzoil full synthetic Marine oil at 40:1 and have always had good luck with it, (good temps. and no fouling of plugs) but now that I've read your post, I'm inclined to try something different. It makes sense. Marine engines Would run cooler.

RE: 2 stroke oil - Brad Hale - 04-02-2010

Hi Regis, I found that tts was a Europeon blend hard to find in the United States. Here is a USA source,

RE: 2 stroke oil - ldiebel - 04-03-2010

I don't have a machine yet (should be soon) but I'm going to try the Aeroshell since it is designed and tested specifically for the job.
If others are using it please post your opinions, observations etc.

Thanks to all those that share their experience on this forum, it sure gives us newbie's a leg up to be able to learn from your experience.

I had a look at the Aircraft Spruce web site but I couldn't find the Sport Plus 2, I only found Sport Plus 4.
Quax, do you have a link or did you call them?

I found Sport Plus 2 here:

Not sure if that's the best price, especially with shipping (it comes from PA).
If anyone else finds a place to purchase it in FL please let me know, I'll do the same.