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Dwight Hard Landing Incident - mosquito - 05-23-2011

I was informed by Gary Junkin this morning that while performing one of his standard test flights of a newly completed helicopter, Dwight encountered problems with the drive train which ended in a very hard landing. Although he was walking around after the incident he was later taken to the hospital with severe back pain. I don't know a lot of details at this point but it appears that he may have one or more cracked vertebrae. I'll let you know more about his condition as I find out.
I won't have a lot of information on the cause until I talk with Dwight. In discussions with Gary it appears that there may have been a clutch slippage issue. This could have been due to some form of contamination permitting the clutch to slip slowly and eventually overheat and lose grip. This is purely speculation at this time. I will provide updates as I find out more.

RE: Dwight Hard Landing Incident - banker_776 - 05-23-2011

we will keep him in our prayers and hope he will be ok...

RE: Dwight Hard Landing Incident - Steve - 05-23-2011


Get well soon my friend you are in my prayers


RE: Dwight Hard Landing Incident - Fireman - 05-23-2011

Thanks for info John, I Hope that Dwight will have a good and fast recovery.

All the best

RE: Dwight Hard Landing Incident - FlyGuy - 05-23-2011

Thanks for the info. Dwight will be in my prayers.


RE: Dwight Hard Landing Incident - eduardopimentel - 05-24-2011

if he walked, this is good news, this kind of pain is a body reaction pos trauma.
i m shure he is ok.

RE: Dwight Hard Landing Incident - U-L- Copter - 05-24-2011


Here's hoping for a complete recovery.


RE: Dwight Hard Landing Incident - rhrocker - 05-24-2011

Dwight, take care my friend! We need you back, and I know you want to be back.
Have a speedy recovery!

RE: Dwight Hard Landing Incident - Dave R. - 05-24-2011

no wonder you didn't answer the phone. Take care my friend, and do exactely what the doctors tell you. You speculating about the centrifigul clutch John?

RE: Dwight Hard Landing Incident - rsm - 05-24-2011

Guys to give u an update live from Dwight's hospital room he's doing ok, obviously sore from the obvious reason. I hate hospitals with a passion but when I'm sitting next to dwight as I type this post he is on the damn phone and as much as I usually hate that its really great to see because that's what dwight does, talk on the phone about mosquitos, can't even knock it out of him. I'm gonna let the experts tell u what was the cause at the proper time, right now I'm just gonna be there for brother that's down, I hope the rest of u do the same and just send words of encouragement to the family, that's what needed right now, the cause of the hard landing will be known soon enough. What a guy, still running mosquito business live from hospital bed. If u guys call tell him to get some rest and put down the damn phone, the helicopters will be there when ya get better.