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Ready to buy - Chandlerede - 01-29-2017

Been researching and ready to buy a Mosquito. Trying to find a used one is almost impossible. So, if I can't find one by April I will be ordering a new one; unless anyone out there can point me to either an XE or XE28 slightly used. Finder's fee!

RE: Ready to buy - FlyGuy - 01-30-2017


Used one are becoming hard to find. About two months ago three hit Barnstorm and they seemed to disappear overnight.
See you at the Fly-In.


RE: Ready to buy - jb92563 - 01-30-2017

There are over 400 Mosquitos out there so putting out the feelers here and perhaps a "Wanted" ad on barnstormers is the way to go.

They come and go within a couple months so as the others have said you just need to be at the right place and time to snatch one up.

Last one I saw on Barnstormers was for a fuselage kit and the month before that the Andy Lim XEL in Northern CA came and went.

Most are advertised on Barnstormers as they don't have a for sale section in this forum.

Set yourself a Notification alert on Barnstormers so you don't have to constantly check.  It will email you if any Mosquito's come up on the site daily.

RE: Ready to buy - Chandlerede - 01-31-2017

Thanks all, I'll keep looking and will try to get down for the Fly-in!
Still looking.