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German Ultralight - jimwitkowski - 04-15-2017

Interesting, a turbine version, with the turbine mounted vertically -------

RE: German Ultralight - swashplate - 04-15-2017

Nice, and no tail rotor to fail.

RE: German Ultralight - mosquito - 04-15-2017

Yes, but two main rotors, and if either fails there is no recovery like there is with a tail rotor failure. The primary downside of coax helicopters is that even though they look smaller and lighter they are generally heavier and much more complex. Just have a look at the mast on these machines. Also, they have very poor yaw control during autorotation which has lead some developers of coax systems to add tip brakes to the blades which increases the complexity even more. That's the reason most all helicopters are the tail rotor type.

RE: German Ultralight - swashplate - 04-15-2017

Wow, all info about coaxial helis I did not know. Thanks for tha data.