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ADSB-Out - RotorTim - 05-06-2017

What is the plan for those that will need to be compliant with the mandate?

RE: ADSB-Out - Dave R. - 05-06-2017

Well, you still have over two years to think about it. Are you in a location that requires it, or fly into one? If not, nothing. My guess is that very few XE's will be so equipped. I will need to comply, and believe there will be several options. Price is coming down, but I think it will still cost several K.
I must comply three times.

RE: ADSB-Out - swashplate - 05-06-2017

This is what I am looking at.  Combined with external antennas and a tablet, it is 2020 compliant - and I completely agree with Dave. If you don't fly into "C" or "B" airspace, you won't need it.

RE: ADSB-Out - RotorTim - 05-06-2017

I live right under the a Mode C veil which means it is required. I agree that as we get closer to the day, more options will start popping up and at a cheaper price. Personally, I think this mandate will ground thousands of aircraft unless that cheaper option becomes available. A friend recently put a compliant system in his LSA and it was nearly 5K installed!

RE: ADSB-Out - swashplate - 05-06-2017

The system I am looking at (all total, already have iPad mini) will be just under 2K and this system, (according to their web site) "Meets Performance Requirements" of TSO-C154c for 1/1/2020 mandate when installed in experimental and LSA aircraft with external antennas (per the February 9, 2015 rule change to 14 CRR 91.225 (b)(1)(I).  Installation into an LSA aircraft needs a letter of authorization from the aircraft manufacturer.

RE: ADSB-Out - jb92563 - 05-10-2017

I read somewhere that Experimental aircraft do not need TSO'd ADSB equipment as long as it "meets the requirements" of the mandate. That could reduce the cost somewhat.

To make maters worse for Standard Registered aircraft, you will need an STC to install the ADSB equipment.

It won't be long before "Hobby" aircraft owners are pushed out of the air completely due to the costs and requirements of a quickly changing airspace that is being optimized for commercial operations.

MotorGliders, Experimentals and Ultralights are the few remaining hobby friendly options it seems for powered flight.

Its interesting that as a Motorglider pilot I can fly a plane with variable pitch prop, retractable landing gear, tail dragger, Jet engine powered with no additional ratings, as they all would be for a regular fixed wing aircraft.

RE: ADSB-Out - RotorTim - 05-10-2017

I am taking the wait and see attitude on the whole ADSB thing. I have two airplanes and both will need it but as time goes by, equipment will be cheaper and more abundant. Also, I am thinking the mandate will start loosening up a bit or it will ground thousands of airplanes.

RE: ADSB-Out - Dave R. - 05-11-2017

Yeah, I have to Cessnas, and the XE 285. Living under KELP class C. Going to be expensive. Really chaps my butt.