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Spammer Elimination on myBB systems - jb92563 - 05-18-2017

Not sure who the webmaster is here but I'm sure they are as annoyed by that recurring Chinese spammer as the rest of us.

I have a suggestion on how you can block the entire domain that the spammer uses, to rid us of them no matter how many times their Bot tries to resubscribe.

This is where I found how to make the change for a myBB system like this website.

Its looks very easy and may take only a couple minutes to do.

Another common technique is not to Ban a user, because the Bot can detect that and simply open a new account, but rather just require their postings to be approved (And don't approve any).

I think the domain blocking is the simplest, least work solution for the admin though.

RE: Spammer Elimination on myBB systems - mosquito - 05-18-2017

Thankyou for the input.  Deleting spam is becoming almost a daily event now.  I will look into your suggestions and talk to the site designer to see what we can do.