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San Diego Area Owners? - Goddy01 - 08-06-2017

I am considering a Mosquito and would love to talk to and see its operation in my loical area-San Diego Area. Thank you in advance

If emailing, kindly place Mosquito in subject.

Thank you.

RE: San Diego Area Owners? - jb92563 - 08-14-2017

I'll second that as I'm also interested to see one in person before making a purchase decision.  I'm just north of San Diego.

RE: San Diego Area Owners? - mosquito - 08-15-2017

Although we have Mosquito's all over the US there are currently none that I can see in Southern California. We had a dealer there for a while at Van Nuys but I let them go due to questionable business practices. Need some Mosquito's there!