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San Diego Area Owners? - Goddy01 - 08-06-2017

I am considering a Mosquito and would love to talk to and see its operation in my loical area-San Diego Area. Thank you in advance

If emailing, kindly place Mosquito in subject.

Thank you.

RE: San Diego Area Owners? - jb92563 - 08-14-2017

I'll second that as I'm also interested to see one in person before making a purchase decision.  I'm just north of San Diego.

RE: San Diego Area Owners? - mosquito - 08-15-2017

Although we have Mosquito's all over the US there are currently none that I can see in Southern California. We had a dealer there for a while at Van Nuys but I let them go due to questionable business practices. Need some Mosquito's there!

RE: San Diego Area Owners? - jb92563 - 08-17-2017

Yaa, where are all the rich people in SOCAL going to get their Mosquitos from. Almost had the Kardashians as a customer thanks to Scott's interest.

Is there an info package for someone interested in becoming a Mosquito Dealer?
I'm wondering if its a full time job or something that can be done on the side.
I'm nearing retirement so it might be an interesting option for me, and SOCAL is full of interesting prospects.