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Heli Racer - Android game FREE (feedback) - termixx - 08-08-2017

Hi, check our helicopter game, that I had created with my friend. We decide to create best game with nice graphics and good controls, because there is lack of proper helicopter games on mobiles. You can download it for free, including nine helicopter and two maps with 45 missions.



We'd like feedback from real pilots Smile

Regard Mira

RE: Heli Racer - Android game FREE (feedback) - jb92563 - 08-14-2017

Needs the collective on the left side and cyclic on the right. 
Opposite sides to the way it comes now.

Also needs a Mosquito Model included Wink

I didn't notice if there were sounds as I was in the office, but that could be nice to have as well even if its just the rotor blade sounds, although turbine sound would add to the experience.

Still need to play with it more to see what the flight model is like but those are my initial impressions so far.