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Training in the Kansas City area - kenny craig - 10-31-2017

its amazing how hard it is to find training unless a person wants to go to a high end flight school that the minute you mention you want to fly a mosquito they act like your an alien with no brain, Kansas City is a horrible area to find rotary training. Looks like I will be doing some traveling if I ever want to fly my XET   Angry

Did anyone else have similar struggles when you mentioned transitioning into a mosquito

RE: Training in the Kansas City area - mosquito - 11-01-2017

Anyone that has moved into the high dollar world of certified aircraft always looks down on experimental or ultralight aircraft flyers, so you can expect that response whenever you mention that to someone flying $300K - $2 million aircraft. Just get your training, no need for them to know what you eventually plan to fly.

RE: Training in the Kansas City area - kenny craig - 11-02-2017

I suppose your right but it's hard to respect the person teaching you knowing they have a chip in their shoulder and honestly when I look at the R22 I don't see that it has anything on the mosquito quality wise but of course I guess that's just an openion. Luckily about 300 miles away their is a guy that owns a flight school that absolutely loves mosquitos and actually wants me to let him fly mine so it's worth making the trip.

RE: Training in the Kansas City area - TS Rupcich - 11-21-2017

Been checking out flight schools myself.  UH-60Pilot suggested Jerry Trimble in Oregon.  The rates were by far the best I've seen at $245/hr.  Spoke with the CFI and he seemed very interested in getting me out there (even after talking about the mosquito). In fact, the CFI was going to check with FAA for me, if any of the solo requirements could be done in the mosquito (big $ savings). I explained that there was a growing number of mosquitos out there and if one was to build a program... we will come.  Give them a call.  Maybe we can get a group discount. Smile