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blades - knotsofast - 02-14-2018

So I heard that Ernie has sold the Dragon Wings tooling and blade manufacturing rights. I'm curious if/how this will effect Mosquito.

RE: blades - mosquito - 02-15-2018

Knotsofast, haha that's a good one!

Working with the new owners. Fortunately we have a few blades in stock while they do the equipment relocation. All should be the same after that.

RE: blades - knotsofast - 02-15-2018

Thanks John. It's good to know someone is in contact with the new owners. Some folks in the gyro community are concerned because apparently, all inquiries have gone unanswered.

RE: blades - mosquito - 02-15-2018

Their communication skills border on abysmal but hopefully as we get things set up we'll deal with that.

RE: blades - pilotarix - 02-15-2018

Just out of curiosity, what company is actually fabricating the blades now?


RE: blades - Franceska - 05-03-2018

I would also be interested to know this