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Female Pilots? - swashplate - 03-28-2018

Are there any ladies flying the Mosquito in any capacity?  I have talked to SEVERAL gents about flying skeeters but there have been, (to the best of my knowledge), no ladies flying these machines?



RE: Female Pilots? - mosquito - 03-28-2018

Unfortunately not one so far. That's surprised me a little as well as I expected at least one or two by now after selling 430 machines. Speaks to the difference between the male and female psyche I guess.

RE: Female Pilots? - Franceska - 05-03-2018

Many women have fear of heights probably.

RE: Female Pilots? - swashplate - 05-03-2018

You may be right. Although my wife loves to fly, she just doesn’t have any interest to “ pilot” the plane. With that said, she is planning to take the he ‘pinch hitter” course with our aircraft.

RE: Female Pilots? - Dick Campbell - 05-04-2018

three or four women training at my helo flight school. However, I suspect they are more interested in flying jobs, rather than just for fun.