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Headsets and helmets!? - Casey - 07-24-2018

Hello everyone! So I was wondering if we could have a little discussion about headsets and helmets. 

So I'm currently taking my dual training in an Enstrom F28C, and while my instructor told me I was welcome to continue using the horrible school use headsets, he said I would have a much better experience if I purchased myself a good set of David Clark headsets. However when he tried to show me online the set that he recommends, it turns out David Clark no longer offers them anymore. Instead they sell their ultra ONE-XH megasets at $895. Which I would have no problem investing in if I could continue to use them when I transition to my Mosquito, but I want to wear a helmet with my Mosi so I'm not sure if the David Clark headsets would be the right choice for me. 

So my question is could you guys recommend a system that would fit all of my needs? In the Enstrom I need a two plug GA plug which I'm sure I can buy an adapter for whatever I need. 

If i have to I'll just buy the David Clark headset and just hang on to them in case I ever want to go buy some hours in the Enstrom later on down the road if I feel I need some more help or something... But it sure would be good to have a helmet or headset that I could use in both aircraft haha

Anyone got any advice for the poor noobie here haha  Tongue

RE: Headsets and helmets!? - Dick Campbell - 07-25-2018

I fly both f/w and helos. I went all in and got a Bose A20. The only other headset I would consider is Lightspeed Zulu 3. This is not a time to go cheap for something you will use for years. I got mine with the helo plug (U174). I really like the ANR in the Bose. I also had my military flight helmet modified with a boom mic and compatibility for GA aircraft and got it a helo plug.

Adapters are available to go either way with GA or helo plugs.

You are expected to wear a helmet while flying the Mosquito. Considering the swash plate is right behind your head, it sounds like a good idea. I also met an FAA helicopter accident investigator who believes that you should wear a helmet when flying any small helo.

I cannot advise you on a helmet purchase, because I was able adapt my military helmet, but I can say I got excellent service from

RE: Headsets and helmets!? - FlyGuy - 07-25-2018


There is a thread on headsets that was posted a while ago. You can find a lot of information through the "search" function on this site. Here is the location:

Hope this helps.


RE: Headsets and helmets!? - bryancobb - 07-27-2018

I am old school. I want an active noise cancelling job in an airplane, but...
in a helicopter, especially a helicopter that gets flown only on short flights...I WANT to hear every little noise
just in case something begins to fail.

RE: Headsets and helmets!? - Dick Campbell - 07-29-2018

I have to agree, Bryan. I do not have ANR in my flight helmet.

RE: Headsets and helmets!? - Casey - 07-30-2018

So here’s an interesting question, now obviously this is entirely dependent on the person, but would a GA flight instructor generally get offended or think it’s kinda weird if a student came to a lesson wearing a flight helmet? It would be great if I could use my time training to also buy and test the helmet I would use for my Mosi so that when my Mosi is ready I know I’ve already got a system I’m comfortable with, I just wonder if my instructor would think me weird lol

RE: Headsets and helmets!? - Dick Campbell - 07-30-2018

IMO, the CFI might think it's weird, but if they are offended, I would find another CFI. You have a good plan, if you're talking only helos. I also think flying a Cessna with a helmet would be very weird.

RE: Headsets and helmets!? - Casey - 07-30-2018

(07-30-2018, 02:17 PM)Dick Campbell Wrote: IMO, the CFI might think it's weird, but if they are offended, I would find another CFI.  You have a good plan, if you're talking only helos.  I also think flying a Cessna with a helmet would be very weird.

Yeah I’m pickin up what you’re layin down my friend, it’s just that it was such a lucky break for me to find an instructor who I enjoy interacting with, is able to teach my 230# mass and not at a crazy $550/hr R44 rate, so i would certainly hate to push my luck and end having to go somewhere else, but I would like to already have auxiliary equipment figured out by the time im ready to transition to my Mosi....ugh why does this have to be so hard lol Tongue

RE: Headsets and helmets!? - grevis - 07-31-2018

I dont think your instructor will find it weird at all. All they will be really concerned about is that there is still clear communication between the two of you.

RE: Headsets and helmets!? - arrow123 - 08-01-2018

Hi, Its not weird at all.  When I did my training, my instructor knew I was getting my Mosquito.  The first few hours in the R22 we did with headsets, then he suggested I use my helmet so I could get used to the feel and see the difference between the headset and the helmet.  After using both, don't feel awkward about wearing a helmet - its for the benefit of you and your head.