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Pilgrimage to Trenton - Timberwolf - 07-24-2018

My wife and set out early this morning taking off into the sun in our RV-6 to make the hour and half trip down to Trenton to get a tour of the factory and see what all the hype is about with these awesome little helicopters. Dick Campbell met us as Cross City airport to give us a ride to the factory and show us the progress he has made on his on XE285. The pictures and details I've seen online didn't disappoint when looking at the mechanics of the helicopter in person. The fit and finish on the fiberglass and machined parts are excellent. The simplicity lends itself to a clean design with sleek lines. Norbert was gracious enough to answer my many questions and showed us around the facility. Though my wife can't quite see the desire for a helicopter, I think she's coming around. I just wanted to say thanks to Dick and Norbert for the hospitality and look forward to seeing one fly while at Oshkosh later this week. Some point in the near future, I look forward to becoming part of the Mosquito family.