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Deposit sent! - Casey - 07-26-2018

Put my deposit check in the mail yesterday for a brand new XE285! Man what a series of emotions I'm having today haha!  Tongue

RE: Deposit sent! - Eblezien - 07-26-2018

Congrats! I know the feeling!! Was just there in March when I put my deposit down on an xe285 as well.

RE: Deposit sent! - FlyGuy - 07-26-2018

Casey and Eblezien,

They will only get better and more intense. It is a wild feeling knowing that you will be a helicopter owner. No more runways. Congratulations to you both!


Deposit sent! - Chamberlain - 07-28-2018


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RE: Deposit sent! - Dick Campbell - 07-29-2018

Casey, welcome to the club. Look forward to meeting you.

RE: Deposit sent! - Casey - 07-30-2018

Thanks for all the kind words everyone! This is gonna be the longest wait EVER  Tongue

RE: Deposit sent! - Dick Campbell - 07-30-2018

Did you opt for the factory assist build? I highly recommend it.

RE: Deposit sent! - Casey - 07-30-2018

Oh 100% factory assist, I could probably put the kit together myself...maybe... but you can’t put a price on the peace of mind you get having the awesome factory guys right there backing you up and making sure you aren’t putting together an expensive accident haha