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Progress Report - Wwarrn - 08-27-2018

How/where do I post this bit of progress news ?
Just spoke /w Norbert,  at the soap works.  He informed me that XET #1335 is painted and has been moved to the 'build building'. It is not on its feet yet !
I thought y'al might like to know!  Film at 11 !   Smile

RE: Progress Report - Casey - 08-27-2018

Haha awesome! I’m not far behind ya at #1345! Although I wonder if whoever has #1337 would be willing to swap serial numbers with me! =P

RE: Progress Report - Wwarrn - 08-27-2018

Might work ! He could say no or yes. You won't know unless .....
A wonder-about. How do we post pictures ? I thought, supposed one of us newbs goes to Trenton, we might be able to take a picture of #1345, or whatever, and post same. That might be encouraging for the unwashed.
Norbert said he would send me an email with a picture. But I need a way to post same in a way anybody could select to see it. UTUBE would work and I've seen guys do this, but I don't have access to some kid that would know the process !
Norbert also is to let me have the contact info regarding the 'local producer' of the mosquito trailers, along with the trailer specific requirements, whatever that might be.

Are we making progress now ?
Can't let up. Must stay in the game. Endeavor To Persevere somebody said !

RE: Progress Report - Dick Campbell - 08-27-2018

I was hoping to be back in Trenton by now, so if I ever get my truck out of the shop, I'll be down there this week hopefully to put the wraps on mine. I'll get you some pix when (if) I ever get there. <sigh>

RE: Progress Report - Wwarrn - 08-27-2018

I thought I posted more info on Norbert's thoughts on the trailer but I don't see it ?? But he said:
22feet length, min 7'9" ramp door opening and load by backing the mosi into the trailer. $5.5k.
Hadn't thought of backing in but that's the only way to make 7'9" opening work.
Harbor Fr $49 wench or a few pulleys and 3/8" x 75' HF rope might help.
Norbert mention a trailer provider, located just east of me, that has appeared to meet with his approval, so I'll check that out.
I think I'm still going to go with 8' height.

Endeavor to Persevere !

RE: Progress Report - U-L- Copter - 08-27-2018

Flyguys trailer is 20' with a 40'' V nose. Think!! that's a 23' 4'' length trailer.