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Introduction - FlyNavy - 08-27-2018

Hi All

I am a new owner (build start in late September, hopefully).  I am retired Navy and was a helicopter pilot for the first half of my career with about 1900 rotor wing hours.  But I haven't flown in 21 years.  I'm excited to get back in the cockpit again.  I'm really looking forward to starting my build.  I am doing a factory assist build.  I live about 1.25 hrs away from the factory and will be working on it Mondays and Fridays.

I am building an XET.  I was a little jittery about throttle control since I have always flown gas turbines with governors.  And the turbine engine sound is a part of what I remember and miss.

I am still trying to figure out how to get to the manuals and documents that can be downloaded so I can start prepping for the build.

RE: Introduction - FlyGuy - 08-27-2018

Welcome aboard Scott. You are in a unique situation being close to the factory. I wish I lived that close! The factory assist build is the way to go and to me the building was a lot of the fun!


RE: Introduction - Casey - 08-27-2018

Hi welcome to the forum and congrats on your decesion! *GASP*!!!!!! Omg you got serial #1337?! Oh man I wanted that serial number so bad! Haha

But as far as your manuals go, give Mike Messex(gosh I hope I didn’t butcher his name haha) a private message and he’ll get you access to the builders forum, that’s where you will download all your manuals!

RE: Introduction - Dick Campbell - 08-28-2018

Welcome, Scott

I flew A-6s in the Marines. I'm building a 285 at the factory, and plan to be back in Trenton this week, and stay for 2 or 3 until I finish. If you get a chance, pop over sometime.


Introduction - FlyNavy - 08-28-2018

Since our Sailors would never let a pilot touch an aircraft, I'm also looking forward to the build. Closest I ever came was changing a starter when the aircraft went down in a field.
I sent a PM to the forum manager, but I'll verify the name and look up the other gentleman you mentioned.
Dick, I think I'll have to take a trip up there to pay for my engine in the next week or two, so I'll PM you when I'm heading up.

Thanks for the warm welcome!

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RE: Introduction - Wwarrn - 08-28-2018

Also from #1335, just out of the paint shop, welcome.
My name is Will, live in North Georgia, private pilot for several years and my helicopter experience is ~12 hours duel, can hover in some conditions !
I'm focused on lining up a trailer while waiting for a call from the Trenton factory as to when I can get started on my Factory Assist.
Again welcome to this group of NEWB's !

Introduction - FlyNavy - 08-28-2018

I was a flight instructor for 2 years and really enjoyed watching folks learn to hover. Between that and full autos, it was always a pleasure to see when the light came on.

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RE: Introduction - arrow123 - 08-28-2018

Welcome to all newbies. I was just thinking about what a great Mosquito community we have here with experience levels from one end of the range to the other. I mean where else are we all able to lean on each others experience and see the thrills of "getting it". Welcome and share your experiences, from the excitement of the build through to chipping in or starting a thread on learnings for everyone here based on years of training or flight hours.

RE: Introduction - Dick Campbell - 08-28-2018


Mike Messex is marcher07 on this forum. He is a technical support rep for the factory and a font of Mosquito knowledge.

RE: Introduction - Wwarrn - 08-28-2018

This is a question for the 'Turbine Heads!' How are we to practice autorotation? It appears that we will have limited control as to the engine rpm. The XET has a govner that keeps the rpm at 60k/6k. Can we turn it down to idle ? I've ask Dwight but he's so busy he hasn't responded. Scott & Campbell, How did you handle this or how would you handle this. I realize the A6 was not a heli, but you have some knowledge for sure.