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Torque Meter for very light helicopters

Everyone, including me, has been trying to come-up with a super-simple TORQUE METER for Helicycle, Mosquito, Mini-500, etc.

Some of the logic we have discussed is measuring twist in the mast...stretch in the belts...deflection of the transmission case...and even miniaturizing the HUEY "2-washers with steel balls" torque meter.

Another thread got me thinking about it this morning.

WELL...I'VE GOT I!!! Cost? Less than $20. Weight? Less than 1/2 pound.

Background: I learned to fly helicopters in Army Primary, in the TH-55 (269).
The manifold pressure gauge was color coded and it had nothing to do with limitations. The green / yellow / red arcs corresponded with a 1" wide color strip on 1 antitorque pedal, and a pointer on the other pedal. As pedal position changed (torque varied) the pointer gave an indication on the color strip.

This was for students that didn't have a good feel. They could look at the manifold pressure color arcs and PUT THE PEDALS in the same color zone.
This was a "Forest Gump" way of teaching students to apply the right amount of pedal for the amount of torque being used.

Now see the next post for a P E R F E C T torque gauge for little helicopters.
Gimme about 30 minutes to do an AutoCAD sketch.

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