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Howdy Gang,
I have been working with my 285 and loving it, but I noticed there is a profound difference from my training in a 300 cbi and my 285. When training I am instructed to move the cyclic forward and let the aircraft build speed. You look around and maybe adjust the position in your seat and wait for climb speed. There is a very, very slight vibration (getting through transverse flow and effective transitional lift), you see the airspeed build, the aircraft gets to climb speed, ease back on the stick, and off you go.
In my 285 I ease the cyclic forward and very shortly feel a vibration that seems to last longer than I would like. I end up backing off and bringing the heli back to a hover. I contacted a few fellow pilots about this issue. One told me that the first time he went through TF/ELT he thought he would have to change his underwear. Another stated “it scared the living hell out of me but over time I don’t even notice it anymore”.
I understand that part of the issue is the fact the Mosquito is very light vs. the 300cbi.
The slight vibration with the 300 seems to last a fraction of a second, the vibration on the Mosi seem to last too long. I know part of the reason is when the vibration starts I hesitate to push through it because I have never felt a vibration like that before. Mind you Dwight test flew my heli after I finished it and it flies fine, it’s me.
This issue was never mentioned on the forum before. I, and probably other would like to hear stories from you more experienced pilots about your first time going through TF/ELT. I think this will be very educational, fun and helpful to novice Mosquito pilots. I know your stories will be Great!
XE 285  1205 (Myrtle)
Start: 8/1/2013
Finish: 5/24/2014
Arrived home: 10/11/2014


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