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Hello and some Newb Questions
Greetings Mosquito World;

Just received my private helicopter add-on rating last month.  Aero Engineer, EAA member and long time aviator, so have been researching ultralight and home-built helos.

I can definitely see a Mosquito of some flavor in my future, and I am planning to drag my travel trailer to Florida for the Trenton Fly-In, and then on to Sun n Fun.  In scouring the web, and searches on this forum, I have a few questions.

1.  What is the relationship of Composite-FX to Innovator technologies?  Are they an authorized dealer or factory rep?

2.  What is the relationship of Rotor F/X to Innovator Technologies?  I found one thread from 2012 indicating that they had been fired?

3.  Innovator Technologies appears to only supply kits to be built by a home builder.  Whereas both Composite FX and Rotor F/X seem to offer fully built aircraft?  How can they do this for an experimental aircraft?  Do they have A/W certificates?

Appreciate your patience with these questions.  I am certainly interested in building an XE or XE 285, my reason for going to Trenton, but I will also be interested in acquiring an already built Mosquito.

Any Mosquito flyers in TX?

Waco, TX
XE285 #1329 N869DJ
Start: June 2018
Done:  Sep 12, 2018  Sleepy 
AWC Issued: Sep 26, 2018  Big Grin  

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