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removing swash plate and control tubes from mast
(06-29-2018, 04:49 PM)mosquito Wrote: You need to remove the two 10-32 bolts holding the collective slave levers to the 3/16" rod ends at the bottom of the mast.  Also remove the single vertical 1/4" bolt connecting the roll lever to the roll tube and slide the lever off the tube.  Remove the antirotation bolt from the swash plate and the 9 bolts holding the rotor shaft bearing cartridge into the mast.  I'm assuming of course that you have already removed the rotor head from the rotor shaft.  The rotor shaft and control string should now slide out of the mast.  You might need a ladder to do that.

Well, its all done.  Came out real nice.  Will do a detailed inspection then slip it back in.  Thanks for the help.

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