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New Potential Mosquito Owner
Hey everyone, thought I'd introduce myself as I try to gather more information to make a decision on possible Mosquito ownership. I'm an Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineer and A&P living the FL panhandle. I've had a few airplanes and currently own a RV-6 and Murphy Rebel bush plane. I have no helo experience, yet, but that will soon be changing. My job takes me out of country for half of the year, so some of the longer build times don't really appeal to me on helo's of the same class. I've been watching the mosquito and have seen the price steadily increase from when they were newly on the market to where we are today and in to August 1 with the next price hike. Though price isn't everything, it is a big consideration as I will have to sell or trade my Rebel for a helo. My primary pick right now is the XE285, though I wouldn't rule out the XET if I were to find someone willing to trade for the Rebel. With EFI on the 285 and the reserve power, I don't necc need the turbine whine and fuel burn associated. Plus, the added cost of acquiring it initially and picking up any parts required in the future. For anyone flying the XE285 I would love to hear any reviews you have one way or the other with the engine and EFI. I've searched but can't find much in the way of MX or what is required every XX hours for preventative mx. I wish the POH was published online as I feel this could help alleviate some of my questions and concerns. I've had 2 engine outs flying behind a cayuna 430 in a CGS hawk, but believe EFI to be a game changer in the 2 stroke arena. Thus, my renewed confidence in these engines.

I'm out of country now, but will be flying over to visit the Trenton factory as soon as I return home next month. I've really enjoyed owning my planes, but for now the RV is able to do 95% of my flying requirements. I'd rather move the plane on to someone else who will fly it and enjoy it as much as I have. Anyways, just wanted to say hey and hopeful that I'm soon a mosquito owner myself contributing to the discussions.

RV-6 Angle Valve G3X
Murphy Rebel 
Aero Engineer, A&P

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