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Love the chopper. Saw it on the discovery channel last night. I would be very interested in this machine.
Do you have just prints available for sale?
Do you have any plans for a 2 seater?
Keep it up. Very nice

We sell kits so we don't sell prints at this time. A 2 seater may be in the air in a couple of years.
"We sell kits so we don't sell prints at this time."

Do you ever plan on selling plans?

I own a small machine shop and could probably get by with building one without "The Boss" filing for divorce, but if I was to shell out the 20K+ for a toy....I shudder to think of the results. (She's still fuming over my purchase of Solidworks This year after just buying AutoCAD last year)

Anyway, excellent little helicopter and I wish you great success. Wink

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