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ready to fly
What is the cost of shipping XE3 complete ready to fly to the United Arab Emirates

Contact Dwight Junkin at the factory and he can give you all the details. Here are the two e-mail addresses that he can be reached at: and I would send him an e-mail to both addresses because one of them does not work sometimes. You can also reach him by phone: 352-538-1624. I hope this helps and welcome to the forum.

Mark Smile


We ship aircraft all over the world and have preferential rates with many carriers. We'll give you a price for the entire package but need to know several things.

1. Ship by air or sea

2. Ship priority or standby

3. Ship in your own container or share with other commodities

4. Do you want pricing to your port or for door to door

5. Do you want to handle customs clearing at the destination or have us do it.

This is up to you but our standard procedure when providing and shipping an experimental helicopter is to complete it, do setup and rigging, fly off the first 25 to 40 hours (complete flight recorder data logs captured for you) and provide at least the first 25 hour and optionally fifty hour service. This assures you can arrive and fly, perfect operating and running condition has been dialed in, wearables such as belts have settled to normal condition and should not need any further substantial adjustment and any of the small issues that almost always occur in the first running hours have been noted and corrected.

We also have a network of CFIs in many countries, including the UAE so if you need flight training that can be arranged as well or you are very welcome to attend our flight school here in California. 

There are a few other details but we can discuss those directly. Email or call and we'll take care of everything for you and get you a specific quote.


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