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Adding New Member
I would like to take this opportunity to tell the Composite-FX family about a new addition to our organization. Over the years of growth in our company we have come to the realization our marketing needs have outgrown our abilities to keep up with the duties required to do it properly. 
         I have always been a believer in picking the best personnel possible to complete the task at hand. So once the decision was made to hire some help, the first person that came to mind was our new marketing director Jessica Warren. 
         I have known Jessica for about 10 years and have always been impressed with her marketing abilities and knowledge. Jessica has several years of experience in rotor-wing marketing so she is not beginner at it. Over the next few weeks Jessica will be converting a lot of the digital media over and up dating information on them as well as coordinating fly-ins and air shows.
                 We are looking forward to working with Jessica and believe our customers will see her as a valuable asset to the company as well.

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