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XET Operating Limitations "Densely populated area"
To the USA Mosquito owners, especially XET: Does EVERYBODY have on their PHASE 2 Operating Limitations item #5 "Except for takeoff and landings, this aircraft may not be operated over densely populated areas or in congested airways." ?

Would anyone be willing to please look at their specific tail number's PHASE 2 Operating Limitations and report back, pretty please?
I would like to know if there is any Mosquito out there that does NOT have this limitation, or if they ALL have it? If there is a Mosquito out there that doesn't have it, I would be very interested in getting mine removed as well. The DAR who signed mine is Earl A. McCarthy Jr. If the factory could chime in, that would be awesome! Wink

Are there any Experimental/homebuilt aircraft that DO NOT have OL #5?

Not here to debate to meaning of "densely populated area", I am going with the EAA website's explanation on that, and do not wish to get into the weeds on what that implies or doesn't imply. Only looking for answers to the above.
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The FAA does not define "densely populated", so it is open to interpretation. Wherever, you are, if you can land safely in an emergency, you would not be considered in a DP area. IMO.

I believe this is standard verbiage for all experimental aircraft.
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Dick is correct. Here is the paragraph from my RV-7A Op Lims circa 2017.

Flight over a densely populated area or in a congested airway is authorized for the purpose of takeoff or landing; or unless sufficient altitude is maintained to make a safe emergency landing in the event of a power unit failure, without hazard to persons or property on the ground.
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