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XEL for sale


I'm selling  my recently completed XEL (Never flown). I have another opportunity that I'm pursuing so I need to grudgingly part with this ship. The XEL has a programmable belite electronics fuel computing and probe system., The MGL encoding aviation altimeter with serial output and airspeed indicator model ASX-2, The MGL Velocity TC-2 one to four channel thermocouple (EGT/CHT indicator., The MGL Dual Rotor/Engine Tachometer Model Rotor-1,. The TINY-TACH Model 2-A from Design Technology Inc. Optional doors. Optimate lithium battery from Tec-Mate, with special charger, The Pro Series 606, 60 Watt 6 outlet strobe system. A David Clark headset and mic set up with a portable nav/com. RCI pro, five point seat belts. Included is a light duty tandem trailer with steel ramps. Anchor for the tail boom and 2000 lb winch with wired remote control for one man loading. 
The ship also features a tuned exhaust for flying at higher altitudes. Collective friction control and wheel kit. 

As the ship was being built a factory REP. came out and corrected all the mistakes that I made. He made suggestions which I changed to improve the workmanship.

The ship will include the cost of  airfare  by the same factory come to your location to do a final inspection (after having been shipped )and its first flight if you live in one of the 48 contiguous states.

If you are a serious buyer and interested in owning a ship right away and not interested in building one, you can  email me  at and I can answer any questions you may have and send several photos of the ship.   .Thanks, Jim 
Jim, where are you located and what is your asking price?
Great deal guys, what is your fixed price for it?

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