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Pilot Range
I have recently passed and acquired enough certification to be a legit pilot (hooray!) So I was an entry level pilot with enough training I believe. I recently applied on a helicopter tours company for the pilot position and I actually passed but I am unsure if I should go through with my application. I know I'm a newbie but what is the usual rate for the newbie pilot.? I have no idea so I dont know if the salary was a good deal or not. Can I have some idea about the salary range?
First of all Congratz!!
So a couple questions about your qualifications:
- how many hours do you have in a helicopter?
- when did you take your check ride or rides?
- are you instrument rated?
- what is your highest level license certification?
- did you have a fixed wing license and get an add-on for helicopter or just get your helicopter rating only
- what ratings do you have?
I am very interested to know what qualifications they require for tours there.

pay depends on the questions above

Low end is about 20-25k per year, high end is about 150-175k per year, 75k is about mid range and average. (depending on occupation, i.e.  tours, commercial business courier, med flight e.t.c.....)

Pilots with a CFI rating typically get paid by the hour so pay is mostly depending on hours not salary and can vary greatly.

Pilots that only hold a PPL, typically do not get paid at all.

Remember you have to start somewhere and tours is a great place to begin a career for some and not so much for others, newbies have to start somewhere.  I am also a newbie but not seeking a career as a pilot.
Great information guys. Thanks for giving some beautiful input.

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