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Throttle cable and correlator rigging
Can someone please explain how the XE285 throttle cable is supposed to be rigged.  From what I understand it's a single cable setup that goes from the throttle grip to the correlator and then to the throttle body(s).  Is the middle portion of the cable (from correlator to the bulkhead thru fitting) not sheathed?  The manual doesn't really explain this in too much detail.  Does anyone have the concern that wear from the correlator ferrule might cause the cable to break? 

You are right, between the correlator plate and fitting on shelf is unsheathed allowing the change in throttle position as collective moves.
You can get your hand in to feel for freying of the cable behind the correlator plate. Good check to do regularly.

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Great, thanks!! As long as it's easy to check I'd feel okay with it.
I would eliminate the correlator altogether.
One less failure point.

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It's easy to check more difficult to get exact, usually it's "close" and you end up adjusting by by throttle position rpm high or low depending on if it runs up or droops
I agree with Mike. The correlator contributes, but in the end, you have to fly the throttle all the time.
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Start: June 2018
Done:  Sep 12, 2018  Sleepy 
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