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GI Joe's Kit XE 1092
Dwight checked this out at the factory - stated there's nothing wrong with this - they do the same...
My XE is done - check photo log. It was completed and test flown at Trenton FEB 2011 and again APR 2011. Then it came home.

Hopefully will continue to finish up the photo log with measurements and my build log instructions.


Crazy Horse N971JW
Congratulations Joe, can't wait to see it in action (video please). Good luck and happy landings.
Congratulations, nice to have another Mosquito in the air.
congrats, great to see a project completed...Joey
Just rolled over 11 hrs - doing small fly around in the area - landing in family's driveways - etc....bouncing over to the local airport - which are excited about having this little black bird coming in...

Still having radio problems with the David Clark - ICOM A6 and the PTT switch - sending it up to Doug Fetters to see what he can do -- I believe it has something to do with the PTT

Other than that - this little bird does great - gets up in the air and goes forward in a very responsive way --- BEST helicopter on the market!!! It's the only way to fly!!!

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