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4 stroke
has anybody heard how the testing on the yamaha 4 stroke is going. Just kinda curious.
is that the engine that John Uptigrove was testing at Oshkosh
thanx jef
I was just wanting to hear how the testing is going. didn't know if there had been any major setbacks at all. I would really like to have a 4 stroke for my ship as opposed to the 2 stroke. So I am really looking for some kinda word on how it is going.
I would also like more info as to what model , hp, is it water or air cooled,
two or three cylinder etc
thanx jef
This is very interresting, will it run on normal 95-98 octan gasoline ?..
I think that it does but I haven't heard for sure. I am wanting to find out as much information about it as I can so I can make my decision on an engine.
if you want a 4 stroke soon you will probably have to wait or go 2 stroke or turbine. the 4 stroke seems to be a tough nut to crack. too bad. im sure it would help there sales a lot. 
originally I wanted to go turbine but was talked out of by some guys on here. But I really don't care for two stroke's. Sure there is nothing wrong with them I just never have cared for them.
why did they talk you out of the turbine? i would go that route vs the 2 stroke. 

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