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I just posted some new pictures
Hi guys, I just posted some new pictures of my build.

Hey Mark,

That 5th paint scheme looks great. Didn't see photos of paint schemes 2, 3, and 4.

Whaaas up with that?


Hey Eddy,
You and the boys were at Oshkosh; James works VERY fast!!!!!!!!!

Smile Smile Smile
I think mark is going to stick with this one, atleast that's what I think. He's come up with a good one thats for sure, guess we need to cut Mark some slack, SOME slack, lol!!!!!!!! I guess if it took 5 times to get it right, as long as the end result turns out as good has his has its worth it! I bet I have drawn up 50 paint schemes on my computer for mine, so I'm gonna keep my mouth shut, I might be the new undecided in the paint world, lol!

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