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Registration in Canada
Hi John
I was thinking if I should contact the mdra about registering the helicopter before of after I buy the kit? They maight require me to have navigation lights. Can that be added to the helicopter? And the radio and transponder - It doesn't look like there is space for them on the instrument panel. Can I just have a portable radio with me or do I have to make adjustments to the instrument panel? Thanks!
I would contact the MDRA before I started just to make sure you get everything off on the right foot. You go directly to the MOT for registration, the MDRA doesn't have anything to do with that (but they will want to see the cert before the final inspection)
I don't have navigation lights and had no trouble with the MDRA inspection. They are a good idea though. They would be easy enought to add.
We use a portable radio when we fly at shows and just keep it in our pockets. Use a strap mounted push to talk on the cyclic. One of my dealers uses a clip on the panel to mount his hand held to.
Has the kits been added to Transport Canada's list of approved kits? Has the Mosquito or XE been approved and evaluated by Transport Canada? From what I understand here in Canada the approval process for a Amature Built Helecopter is different than for a Amature Built Aeroplane. FAR 103 is great for an ultralights in the USA because it is considered a "vehicle" but, here in Canada they say ultralight "aeroplane". Everything else is certified under the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR's). I would like to make sure that your kit is approved under CAR 549 before I go much further. Wouldn't it have been nice to adapt the FAA's rules? Thank you.

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