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Al great job in putting those together -- really captured the event --
The video, I LOVE IT !!!!
Hi Al

Great videos, Thanks.

Al keep us posted on your progress on the MGL rotor tach. My forth WESTACH rotor tach now has 5 hours on it and still working, Thats a record for me. When at trenton for the fly in, I installed two momentary switches to check #1 & 2 coils.With this system the gauges (all of them) do not shut down, back on, shut down, back on, as they did with the toggle switch. The possibility of spiking the gauges may have contributed to my gauge problems. (Can't be sure).

Starting to warm up In WI, going up to 34 today.

Happy flying everybody!



HAWKIP quote

"I had a few words with my wife, then she had a lecture for me. How does she do that?"

You got it backwards, it should read:

I gave the wife a lecture (tutorial), and she was unable to get in but a few words.LOL  


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