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Anybody know how many motels there are in Trenton and Chiefland? Wonder if reservations in advance are in order. I guess there's always Gainesville. Dwight was nice enough to let us stay in his motor home the last 2 times we visited but he's gonna have a house full this year. And thanks to Mike Messex and his wife we had a place to stop and stay at a half way point in Alabama. Pup tents are nice but when you're pushing 57, a long hot shower and a soft bed sure beats camping out. Looking forward to meeting a whole bunch of new Mosquito fanatics this year. Am going to try and bring my Green Machine (#2) down with us but am trying to find a trailer first. Hauling it in the back of my truck worked great but I'd rather keep it out of the elements for that long of a trip. Plus, it's really hard to stop and get gas and leave quickly cause people just absolutely want to know everything about them. It's like a people magnet. If you're going to haul it open, you'd better be prepared to talk to people. LOL. That would definitely be the best way to advertise this cool little bird is to take a road trip across America in an open trailer and stop at every town across this great nation. See ya all in December! Wink

There are no motels in trenton. Just dwight's favorite burger joint and the NAPA store.LOL.
OK Type in CADDILLAC motol FANNING SPRINGS FL. This should give you four or more motels in seven to twenty two miles or so from trenton. Hope theres one left for carol & i. See you in december.

Thanks Leo. See ya there. Smile
Just wondering what is the expected head count for Trenton this year, anyone know?
one each; couldn't resist
here's the list so far that I know of...........
Eddy (everybody knows Eddy)
Me from good ole Missouri (some like to pronounce it Misery)
Lorne from Florida
Rob from Florida
Larry from Oregon ?
Doug from Kansas ?
Steve from Wisconson ?
Mike from Alabama
Leo from Wisconson
Cam from Minnesota
Stu Fields from California ?
The World famous Junkin Brothers
I'll be there as well Gary. (California)

well cool thats a pretty good list, and I'm sure there will be more, I hope some of you guys will be bringing your birds with you. Mine will hopefully be on skids and painted by then, and if your real bored you can pick up a wrench and help me put the thing together!
Awesome dude! Glad you're gonna make it. We'll all chip in and help Rob finish his bird. uuuummmmm.......let's see.......swash plate right side up.....skids go on the bottom....engine gets mounted on the outside of cockpit....tail boom on the rear...yep, I think we got it. How hard can it be...right???

Yo Eddy,
The 300's will definitely be a nice touch. I can hardly wait.....need to practice some more autos.
I will be there Mark, probably wont have the XET finished but I will be there.....Doug

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