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Sounds great Doug. Even if we don't have all the turbines there this year, next year should be a turbine invasion and we'll have the whole place smelling like Kerosene!!
Smile Smile
Mark we can make the place smell like kerosene, just because we can't fly don't mean the motors won't start, mine hasn't even been out the box since overhaul and I'm dying to start that thing!

Yesterday was a great day. I met a super guy from Holland, Evo Van Steen. Evo, Lorne Deibel, and I made a trip to Trenton (which is always super). Lorne had his first look at his freshly painted XEL, scheduled for factory completion in the Feb 2010. Evo came up from West Palm Beach where he took his introductory lesson in a R22. Evo is a soon to be XEL owner.

At the factory, Angel (Mosquito dealer from Spain) was building an XE. Likewise, I met Bruce from Boston and he was putting the final touches on his XE. Should be flying within the next day or so.

Angel and Bruce will be at Trenton 2009...with flying birds i'm sure

Others who will be at the Trenton 2009 fly-in are:

Bob Mason (Chickenhawk author) and wife Patience...with autographed copys of the book for sale

Mark, my son and Mad Mosquito partner from Austin, Texas...can't wait to see him!

Evo will be back from Holland to attend

Of course Clive Paige will be there flying his all black shiny XET turbine  

Larry, it would be great if you came from Oregon with your AIR. Looking forward to meeting you. Are you for sure coming?



Do you know if Chip Davis plans on attending this year?

Hi Everybody;

Click on calendars on the main menu ,click public calendar than scroll to dec 09 than click on dec 27 and sign in.The weather has been sorrry here in Wi lows in the thirtys with highs in fortys with rain. Have not flown since oct fifth . Looking forward to getting down to the fly in and getting back in the air.

Hi gang,

I am going to make an attempt and get off this rock to come to the Fly In. It gets expensive flying from the middle of the Pacific to Florida. After flying to Gainesville, rent a car then drive to a hotel in chiefland. I am interested in finding someone that is also in need of a car and room that might want to split the cost. Keeping costs down means that I can get another hour of dual time while I am there. If any of you are interested please contact me.

This trip is all about preparing to get my own Mosquito.


XE 285  1205 (Myrtle)
Start: 8/1/2013
Finish: 5/24/2014
Arrived home: 10/11/2014

Hey eddy I seen last year FWC brought there choppers and I talked to them today and they said they would b glad to make it this year. There hangar is close to my bosses hangar and since I hear u kinda help set it up if u need me to relay info let me know

Hey Rob,

Thanks for your post. My computer recently totally crashed wiping out my whole Hard drive.I am in the process of retrieving info. I need the phone number, e-mail, and name of the guy from the FWC in order to send him an official invite to Trenton 2009. This info would be greatly appreciated if you can get it for me. I always send a written invite, even if folks are already committed to participate.



HI Eddy;

Just got my november helo expt mag. Great write up and photos. I can"t get over how much you look like Paul G next to the Dynali.LoL. See you at trenton.


Yeah, I saw that. I guess Paul has changed his name to Eddy.LOL



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