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$250,000.00 Prize
The AHS has increased its prize from $20,000.00 to $250,000.00 yes that is $250,000.00 cash to the first person to build a man powered helicopter to fly to an altitude of 3 meters and remain airborne for 60 sec. You only have to reach 3 meters momentarily. I myself think it can be done. Just thought some of you would like to know. Or would like to go for the gold.
Goog luck
Hell ya, build one collect their quarter of a mil, then take it to the RedBull Flugtag next year and collect somemore!
Something like the gossamer albatross that flies around an axis?
Here a french patent Wink
Good luck !
This would settle the two stroke/four stroke issue.

Looking at the patent Regis pointed to makes me think about power to weight ratio...
The new self regulating helicopter weight loss program.

I guess we could then burn the corn directly, no need to make it into ethanol.
well whatever is built, you better get Lance Armstrong or Super Man to pedal it! I'd love to see it done, use to dream about that as a kid, actually tried to put wings on my huffy one speed bike and jump off a ramp,.........not very sucessful! Maybe that's what the balloon boy in Colorado parent's alibi should have been, they were trying to get the 250,000 K, LOL!!!!!!
May as well offer $1 million. Loyd's of London will insure it for $100. Great advertising. Where is the prize for the first turbine powered legal part 103 ultralight helicopter?
It is over. Someone won!!!
Very cool.

Leave it to the Canucks eh John U.

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