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It,s about time
Hello everyone I would like to give a "way to go" to the inventor of this rig I love it !!!!I am a avid helicopter stocker Smile and I use to fly r/c helicopters but this rig is off the "HOOK" I would give my left nut too have this parked in my backyard ha ha ha .....looks like I will have to start a new toy fund for this one provideing I can swindle this project around the warden well keep up the great work and I look forward to the news letters and this forum for discustion ...."great job and I love the fiber body kit"... Wink
Hi Steamer401
Welcome to the Mosquito Community.
I hope you fulfill your dream of owning your own Mosquito.
Goodluck with the Warden. lol

Check out the Helicopter Giveaway.

Blair Hollands

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