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Post a picture of your instrument panel here
Hey Allen...The paint I used was Rust-Oleum...Links are below. Got them at Home Depot. After two coats of primer, apply the black satin. To get the texture, stand back slightly further than you normally would. Also, shake the can AS YOU SPRAY. The further you stand from the panel as you pray, the more dramatic the texture will be. I wanted the panel paint to be close to the texture that MGL has on their gauges. Gave it a solid three coats.
Also, it's important to use one of those triggers that attach to the paint can. Like this one.


Automotive Gray Primer

Satin Black Enamel
Ricci, thanks for sharing. I can use all the help I can get. Wink
fdarby - 5/26/2010 10:16 AM

Thanks Regis.

Just a question, what is the actual screen panel in this? I've been starting to look for options for a bird I cant even afford yet, and wanted a multi function gps/nav/weather/com system, but couldn't figure out how to control one during flight.
Bryan - 3/28/2011 7:09 PM

Still need to work on the trim and add a few breakers and warning lights. Keeping it simple for the most part.

Bryan! Awesome cool panel.
Please tell which MGL gauges and their positions, thanks!
Are they Velocity Singles?
Can you use the CDI pickup for engine RPM?

I used the Velocity series.

Top - Rotor-1 combo rotor engine tach
Left - ASX-2 airspeed/alt combo gauge
Right - E-1 EMS engine management gauge
Bottom - Precision vertical card compass from aircraft spruce.


That's not bad ... not bad at all ... nice and simple.

Have you any "face on" views you might be willing to post?

Any problems with mounting; adding or removing instruments?

Over all though, from what I can see, nice!


JRL - 7/14/2010 6:26 AM

Voici le dtail des instruments composant mon tableau de bord.

Le compas 2HRS10 est compos de AV-1 + module SP-2
Le FF-1 est coupl avec le capteur de niveau FF-level + dbimtre chelles multiples

cette configuration me permet de voir tous mes paramtres sans avoir manipuler les boutons de commandes en vol.

Here are the details of the instruments composing my dashboard.

The compass, 2HRS10, is composed of AV-1 +, SP-2 module
The FF-1 is coupled with the level sensor-level FF, +, flowmeter multiscale

This configuration allows me to see all my settings without having to manipulate the control knobs in vol.

148 downloads ... I'm not the only one interested in "Panel Planning".

Very nice!


A bit more than I want but I know nice work when I see it ... well done! Very well done!



Here is a face shot of my panel in the helicopter. Gauges are easy to get out and are easily accessible. I will still be adding a few fuses and low rotor horn but that is about it..The Aveno backlit master switches from aircraft spruce look pretty cool when powered up.


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Nice. Very nice!

Thank you. It's appreciated.



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